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  • Some agents entering the real estate industry seem to defy conventional wisdom of what it takes to succeed. Why is this group of agents getting better results? We believe it has to do with how these agents run their brains; basically, their outlook and the actions they take on a daily basis.
  • In a popular Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, he talks about the Why, What and How of communication by both individuals and company brands alike. He claims that companies that begin with an aspirational “Why” before getting to the specifics of the “How” and “What” results in a better connection with clients. Once a meaningful connection is made, whatever detailed information about the product or service that gets communicated to the
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Key Takeaways:

  • There are a seemingly overwhelming number of lessons a real estate agent must learn in their first two years in the business. Often, an agent entering into their 2nd full year of the business will have some wins and some learning moments.
  • Over the years, we’ve heard the same themes pop up when it comes to an agent having regrets from their first year in the business. Here are a few of these things agents wish they could take back: 1) overwhelmed with shiny objects from the industry in the form of vendors selling the next great “fix”, 2) lack of consistency with lead generation, 3) following a system from Day 1 to keep in touch with people (ex. CRM), 4) not working with a mentor or coach, 5) choosing the wrong environment/brokerage,
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Key Takeaways:

  • Often times, consumers and real estate agents alike tend to believe that the role of the agent is to merely take care of the transaction, and nothing more.  This is short-sighted! Top agents have known for years that adding value is all about the details and delighting the client at every stage of the selling or buying process.
  • There are two main areas where an agent can provide value. These include the professionalism of the agent in terms of how he or she conducts business operations (ex. communication, business processes, etc.), as well as any special 1-off service items the agent may include upfront as far as what’s included in their fee paid at closing.
  • Some special add-ons may include: HDR photography, 3D Virtual Tours,
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  • One of the first items to tackle when buying a home is talk to a lender to get a rate quote as well as a preliminary idea of what you might be able to afford, based on a variety of factors like income, debt, credit score, employment history, military service qualification, etc. After you find a lender you trust and they open a loan application with you, you’ll send them more financial documents (ex. W-2s, tax returns, pay stubs, etc.) to begin working toward obtaining a pre-approval. Usually, buyers focus on their desired monthly payment, then look for homes with their agent for that particular price range.
  • Depending on the market, how much $ you have for a down payment (and a number of other factors) your Realtor will
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  • Branding and selling are equally important. How you obtain new business and serve clients, along with your branding, all work together in tandem to create the client experience you’re aiming for.  The messaging, look & feel of your company both offline and online make an impression. You can take this idea even further and argue that your allied resources and referral partners are an extension of your company’s brand.
  • While sales and branding are important, many new agents who try to make a splash in the industry get overwhelmed with all of the marketing and prospecting options available to them. As a result, many agents become frustrated and simply give up.
  • It’s important to get into relationship with a coach who
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  • Follow a process when creating content that includes a creative and efficient way to create new material. Reason for this is that just as much of your time will be spent repurposing the original content you created.
  • Whatever you do, have a content creation process that is repeatable and predictable.  It’s wise to follow a series of steps such that you can delegate this work to a marketing assistant later.
  • We must continually focus on what moves the needle in our businesses with lead generation. With that said, social media and online marketing is here to stay. The reality is that our potential clients are on the internet several hours/day. We must meet them where they are, providing value every single day. Creating a
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Key Takeaways:

  • In a competitive seller’s market, at times in a multiple offer situation a buyer may offer to waive the inspection contingency.  This can be fine as long as the seller is aware of a few risks.
  • Even if the buyer waives inspection and agrees to pay for needed repairs, we still recommend that the buyer pay for a home inspection(s). Additionally, we suggest either one or both of the agents pay the cost of a 1 yr. home warranty for the new owner; this allows for the repair or replacement of certain mechanical items in the house that are covered by the warranty.      
  • In negotiations, anything that the seller agrees to fix goes on a form called the Inspection Resolution form.  This form is essentially part of the original
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Congrats! You’ve got your real estate license. The world is your oyster and nothing can stop you, right?

If you’re highly social, driven to succeed and commit to taking daily action toward your goals, you’ll launch your real estate career more effectively than most. Even with a great energy and work ethic, though, you’ll need a brokerage with sophisticated technical support and a structured environment to help you build your empire.

A brokerage that offers you the bare minimum won't serve you at the highest level since their intention is to do the least amount possible. Have you ever been in a relationship like this? It rarely ends up being something special in the long-term. Think about it this way: when it comes to culture, systems and

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"Across the board, Realtors tend to close more deals and have more experience."

Keelan McCamey, CEO, Realtor, MBA, CDPE

Peak Realty

Keelan McCamey, owner of Peak Realty, discusses the common steps in the process that buyers take on their way to home ownership. 

Key Takeaways

      • Making a decision to buy (or not) requires some self-analysis. A good Realtor will sit down with you to understand not only what you want, but why you want it. When an agent does this, they have a better chance of finding more properties that fit your situation
      • It's wise to contact a lender to figure out if you have enough cash in the bank for a down payment and/or closing costs. It's also important for your Realtor to know this information, to
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